The Power of Association

Sometimes I am shocked by how powerful association can be (aka “Classical Conditioning”)…

Today I was working on building a shelter for the dogs and when I pulled out my Reciprocating Saw (to trim down a few 1x2s) I noticed all the dogs ran over to me. I kinda expected the opposite to happen.

You see, this has not always been the case, they used to get a bit freaked by the noise of the saw, but now they love it… Why? Because of the wood scraps, they love to chew on the small blocks of wood that I leave!

Now when I use any saw I have an audience of dogs eagerly anticipating the wood scraps I drop. Instead of worrying about scaring them off with the noise the saw makes, I have to worry about them getting in the way of my work!

How about that for classical conditioning! Reciprocating Saw = wood chew toys, not scary sounds. Pretty cool!

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