5 Replies to “Parka in Puppy Class”

  1. He is pretty chill in class. Good boy, and seems sweet too. Maybe it’s his super tuff guy spy harness?
    I tell ya, every shepherd puppy that I have been in puppy classes with was very vocal like that puppy, and NEEDY. That, and their crippled way of walking, is why I don’t have shepherds.

    1. Thanks Lindsay! He is really chill, he thinks before reacting which is really nice. He’s with Jen in GA now and has met all kinds of new people and has apparently been very good with everyone. He was a great addition to our family.

  2. “tho some of the people are not comfortable with him for whatever reason”
    Ah well those people just don’t see how cute Parka is. =)

    Parka reminds me of Bella at the first video how he jumped up a bit.

    Bella just loves people.

    I just love Parka and how he behaved in puppy class was great.

    Saya loved puppy class the trainer was great and worked on lots stuff like walking on different surfaces, wheelchair, a bit of agility, basics and focus work.

    Never done puppy class before thankfully I found her she even let me bring Saya to more puppy classes even though we passed for extra socialization and work on training for free.

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