My First West Siberian Laika Litter!

Last night Kilbe gave birth to 5 healthy West Siberian Laika pups. This litter was sired by Ike.

Ike is a very skilled large and small game dog, and Kilbe is hell on small game. They work well together out in the bush. They are both very versatile dogs.

I think these puppies will be exceptionally good hunters and would be perfect for the avid outdoorsman who is looking for the perfect “survival” dog – Ike and Kilbe will tree just about any game and are very predator aggressive dogs. Ike has treed a number of aggressive black bear for me while I was out in the bush.

They’re not just wonderful hunting companions though, Ike and Kilbe are also exceptionally good with our daughter, very clean, and surprisingly obedient.

This is Ike
Ike - West Siberian Laika

This is Kilbe
Kilbe - West Siberian Laika

Here are a few videos of Ike, Anja, and Kilbe…

And here are the pups…

Kilbe and her litter


Puppy 1 (Male)


Puppy 2 (Male)


Puppy 3 (Male)


Puppy 4 (Male)


Puppy 5 (Female)


9 Replies to “My First West Siberian Laika Litter!”

  1. Congratulations! Beautiful dogs and pups. The pups look like they have agouti colouring – will they stay that dark (unlike their parents)?

    My dog is a crossbreed KBD-REL but looks and acts much more like an REL. He moves and reacts a lot like the WSLs in the videos. The REL factor in the breed mix makes for a more aggressive hardcore hunter than the KBD, although they are both bred for the same purpose. I love the laika breeds. Mine is very aloof and independent in the house (cat-like) although he can be a big suck when it suits him. Outside he does his own thing, but is totally reliable off leash and will come (eventually) when called, however you cannot break his focus when hunting – or if he sees another dog he has to check out/challenge. He seems to have an internal GPS and always comes back to check on my whereabouts.

    I look forward to watching the pups grow.

    1. Thanks Jane! 🙂

      I think they will all lighten up as they grow, but I’m interested to see what 3 and 5 turn out to be like. They look the most agouti to me.

      Our WSLs have amazing homing ability. Ike has gotten separated from me in areas we drove to and has still made it back home (before me). It’s pretty amazing!

  2. I will be interested in one of these someday. I like their biddability, all arounded-ness (is that a word? It is now) and their appearance. Nice dogs.

  3. Puppies!!!

    They may very well loose the extra black in their coats, and lighten, as they mature. Most NGSDs are born so dark a chocolate that they’re almost black, with some serious black sabling. But by the time they’re 8 or 9 weeks most of the sable is gone and they’ve lightened up considerably, and by adult hood they’re a reddish tinged golden brown with no sable except for some masking. My Arty’s unusual because he’s maintained his sable well past the 1yr point.

  4. Love, love, love! Want #1 or #2 but I am sure they are all gone now…I too would really rather have a female. We have a great place for them perimeter fenced 7 ac. (and lots of internal cross fence. ) in NC Blue Ridge Mtn heaven. C-O-L-D in winter but delightful with days never over 84 deg. other seasons. How are they on fence …I noticed yours was really high… are they possibly jumpers? I ask because I have a few dairy goats–but the goats would be in this side or that , never with the dogs. When will you hve any more? The deer are driving me crazy as well as all the smal game stufff… Ellen Stuart 336 982-2270

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