West Siberian Laika Litter – Update 1

Kilbe’s puppies will be two weeks old next week. They are getting BIG, growing like weeds! I think this is going to be a very nice litter with some really impressive Russian hunting champions in their pedigrees.

The pups are all starting to open their eyes, which means they were moved to the living room (with Kilbe) this weekend so that they will get socialized to all the sounds of the home. Up to this point they’ve been in the bedroom bonding with their mom (during the neonatal socialization period).

Here are some updated pictures of the pups. I took these today, Sunday March 31st 2013. In these pictures the puppies are 13 days old.

Puppy 1 (Male), reserved for Wade.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup1-Male(Day 13)-9

Ike-Kilbe-Pup1-Male(Day 13)-10

Ike-Kilbe-Pup1-Male(Day 13)-11


Puppy 2 (Male), reserved for Tone.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup2-Male(Day 13)-13

Ike-Kilbe-Pup2-Male(Day 13)-15

Ike-Kilbe-Pup2-Male(Day 13)-14

Ike-Kilbe-Pup2-Male(Day 13)-16


Puppy 3 (Male), reserved for Ron.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup3-Male(Day 13)-17

Ike-Kilbe-Pup3-Male(Day 13)-19

Ike-Kilbe-Pup3-Male(Day 13)-18

Ike-Kilbe-Pup3-Male(Day 13)-20


Puppy 4 (Male), reserved for Simon.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup4-Male(Day 13)-21

Ike-Kilbe-Pup4-Male(Day 13)-22

Ike-Kilbe-Pup4-Male(Day 13)-23

Ike-Kilbe-Pup4-Male(Day 13)-24


Puppy 5 (Female), reserved for Gary.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup5-Female(Day 13)-25

Ike-Kilbe-Pup5-Female(Day 13)-27

Ike-Kilbe-Pup5-Female(Day 13)-26

Ike-Kilbe-Pup5-Female(Day 13)-28

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