West Siberian Laika Litter – Update 3

Ike’s and Kilbe’s pups are now 40 days old and are doing great. They are turning out to be really nice pups with a lot of natural predatory instincts.

Here are some updated pictures of them…


Puppy 1 (Male), “Ike Jr.”, reserved for Wade/Daven.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup1-Male(Day 40)-1

Ike-Kilbe-Pup1-Male(Day 40)-2

Ike-Kilbe-Pup1-Male(Day 40)-3


Puppy 2 (Male), reserved for Tone.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup2-Male(Day 40)-1

Ike-Kilbe-Pup2-Male(Day 40)-2

Ike-Kilbe-Pup2-Male(Day 40)-3


Puppy 3 (Male), “Yuri”, reserved for Ron.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup3-Male(Day 40)-1

Ike-Kilbe-Pup3-Male(Day 40)-2

Ike-Kilbe-Pup3-Male(Day 40)-3


Puppy 4 (Male), reserved for Simon.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup4-Male(Day 40)-1

Ike-Kilbe-Pup4-Male(Day 40)-2

Ike-Kilbe-Pup4-Male(Day 40)-3


Puppy 5 (Female), reserved for Gary.
Ike-Kilbe-Pup5-Female(Day 40)-1

Ike-Kilbe-Pup5-Female(Day 40)-2

Ike-Kilbe-Pup5-Female(Day 40)-3

5 Replies to “West Siberian Laika Litter – Update 3”

  1. Hi Brad and Jen,
    How are you doing? Are you still in the Taos area?
    These pups look great! My WSL, Zaya, will be one year old the end of this month. I did not neuter him so I can stud him. He has a beautiful piebald coat and a great personality. He gets compliments all the time. Would you be interested in his stud service with your female? Do you know any breeder who might be interested?
    I hope you and family are doing well.
    Virginia Mouras

    1. Hi Virginia!

      Nice to hear from you! 🙂

      We have relocated to Flagstaff, AZ for now. Tho there may be another move (north) here in our future due to work…

      I’d love to see some pictures of Zaya. If I recall correctly, you got him from Roger? I might be interested in using him for stud, but it will be years out as I am not in a rush to have more Laika litters.

      How does Zaya hunt? Does he tree small game? Are you hunting with him? Has he seen any bears up there in AK?

      I’ll pass on your info to some of my USA Laika breeder contacts.


    2. Hi my name is pao and I live in Alaska. I was wondering if you are up here as well? And still have your male laika? I would like to breed my female laika with your male if you still have him thanks

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