3 Replies to “Bully Kutta “Xina” loves Chase, my daughter… #BK #bullykutta”

  1. Hi from a new visitor,

    I would be very scared having any kid in my family near a bully because I have actually seen them fight a bear in pairs when i was a child. But looks like you have socialised the dog well and females of the breed are usually not as aggressive as the males.

    Great videos and very nice dogs.

    1. No problem, In Pakistan atleast, they are primarily bred for fights, either with other dogs or bears. Never had the stomach for it myself but I have friends who own them and they usually don’t keep them in or near their homes (Rural areas).

      Bully’s have a reputation for volatility and hardheadedness back home, after seeing your dog i think that has more to do with how they are raised.

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