Status Update: 08-11-2019 1:58 pm

I’m so bummed. 😢

Pixel and Smokey were in the laundry room (other side of the house – they’re both in heat so they’re in “jail” right now) while Jen, Ghazi, and I were in the living room. Something happened between Smokey and Pixel (I think Pixel woke Smokey up and startled her). They got into a little (loud) argument.

This startled the three of us, Jen and I jumped up and went to see WTH was going on. While we did that appeartnley Ghazi got spooked too and jumped out of the window – through the screen – and just ran off.

I tracked him via our cameras and saw he went down our driveway and into the national forest. It was about 5 minutes before we figured out he had done that – we were looking all over the house for him.

We’ve been searching for him all day. At one point we heard him barking, and walked that direction, but I think he heard us and ran further into the woods.

We’ll continue to look, but I’m worried because some storm are moving into the area now.


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