Status Update: 08-12-2019 1:52 pm

I keep getting asked this, so I am posting the answer here…

Question: Why did I get another Kanagal? I thought you didn’t like Kangals? Didn’t the turkish dogs not work out for you before?

Answer: Yes, we have owned several Turkish Shepherd Dogs in the past. Some have been Kangal, some have been Boz/Kangal, some have been Kangal/Anatolian.

We placed most of them because they didn’t work for us and our setup. Reasons for this was:

1 – They loved to run away.
2 – They weren’t particularly suspicious of strangers.

These two qualities made them not ideal for *us* as LGD. I know others have had success with them as LGD and guardians, which is great. As with all breeds, YMMV.

I think the ones we owned would have worked great if we had a large amount of land, or use an electric fence to keep them in a smaller area. We didn’t have either of these things at the time, and we didn’t want to use an electric fence with Chase around (she was always saying high to the goats and yak).

Also, one of them (Taskin), our first Turkish Dog, proved to be way too dog aggressive and quarrelsome for us.

With all that said, I did really like their personalities and felt they would make nice companion dogs. Other than the issues described above, I have found them to be pretty easy dogs to own – as far as LGD breeds go. I particularly liked Ghazi 1, who lives with Amy in NC now. I’ve regretted over the years placing him and wished I had just brought him into the house as a companion. However, at the time, we had Sakura, Sabir, and Musashi in the house – all big dogs. I just didn’t want another big dog underfoot.

Fast forward to now – we have no livestock so we don’t need an LGD, and the recent placement of the short-coated mastiff-type dogs means we have room in the house for a large dog. So, I wanted to give the breed another try, but this time in a different way – as a family companion. I reached out to Robert for a pup because he was who produced Ghazi 1.

Ghazi 2’s thicker coat will make it so he will be fine in the cold weather here, which was a big reason for us placing our short-coated mastiff-type breeds – they didn’t do well in the winters here.

So that is how/why we got Ghazi 2. So far I’m very pleased with him, expect for yesterday when he already showed a love for running off. 🙄


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