Status Update: 09-09-2019 6:40 pm

Thoughts on our first 24 with the “Kiro” (female Alano Español)…

She’s very human and dog social. Especially dogs – she loves them. She’s very playful too. She’s a little “soft” around me (she shrinks and avoids me), but that’s pretty normal for me with dogs. She loves attention tho, so her softness goes away once I give her some love.

So far she’s not a good eater. She doesn’t seem to have the ability to focus enough to eat a meal in one setting. We’ll have to work on this. She’s a bit thin, so we’ll have to figure something out.

She’s one of those dogs that on the surface appears to have solid nerves and is unbothered by the change in ownership. But, as you spend more time with her, you start to see that she has some anxiety – not too much, but it’s there.

Also, she’s probably the closest I can come to a traditional herding type dog w/o me being totally annoyed by her.

She does chill out and lay down, but as soon as Jen, Chase, or I move she is up walking all around inspecting what we are doing and hovering around us until we stop again – with Chase it’s like she is herding her a bit. This is fine for me – I don’t move around that much since I’m working most of the time – but Jen is always moving, and so it can be a bit annoying. I expect, as she gets more comfortable here, this behavior will not be as much her M.O.

She’s got a lot of energy, but that’s easy to deal with because she absolutely LOVES toys. So focusing her energy on a toy is pretty easy. She loves to play fetch, wich Chase thinks is great.

That’s all for now…

BTW: she came with the name “Kiro,” we’ll probably just call her “Kai.”


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