Status Update: 10-03-2019 5:21 pm

For those who have been following and asking. I spoke to our UPS driver just now.

He saw Pixel on the way out (dead, in the road), but not on the way in (which is when he hit her). He thought someone else had hit her while he was delivering down the road.

His exact response was “Wait, what? I hit that dog? No way.” Then I mentioned the video and he said “I had no idea. I am so sorry. I’m an animal lover. This upsets me.” Then he got a little emotional.

I asked him to slow down and he said “I respect that, I’m really sorry. I’ll slow down for sure.”

Based on the video, Pixel basically ran right under his vehicle. On a bumpy one-lane dirt road I can see how he may not of seen her or even felt her.

So, he obviously didn’t know he had hit her, and felt horrible about it. I’m glad I didn’t have a knee-jerk reaction and get him in trouble or something. As I told him, we blame ourselves, not the him.


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