Status Update: 06-01-2020 5:21 pm

Chase is home from day 1 of camp, she had a blast. For those curious about how they’re handling the virus risk…

1 – They wear masks at checking-in, during transit to their destination, at check out, and inside.

2 – All kids’ temps are taken at check-in and check-out.

3 – They ask question of the parents and kids as to their activities between each day.

4 – They try to have the kids stay 6 feet apart – Chase said if any one is seen breaking the social distancing rule they yell “NOODLE” and then they all separate and giggle.

5 – They stay in their individual cars at check-in until everyone has arrived.

6 – Groups are limited to just 5 kids and one adult.

7 – No touching or sharing food.

She had a blast too! Tomorrow they go somewhere where she can play in a creek – she’s excited.