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Young Adult Male and Female Central Asian Ovcharka Available!

We are selling our male and female pair of Central Asian Ovcharka (CAO).

We’ve decided to sell off our livestock, and with that change we are no longer in the need of working Livestock Guard Dogs (LGD). Selling Timur and Nina is not an easy choice for us, as we love them both very much, but we feel they’d be better suited in a home with less dogs or in a working home where they can continue to be the amazing working LGD they are.

If you’re interested in them, please contact me here. Please only contact me if you’re serious about purchasing them. We will sell them individually or as a pair. If you purchase them as a pair we’ll sell them to you at a small discount. They will only be sold to approved homes with appropriate accommodations to house and contain them. They’re UKC registered and are a proven breeding pair.

Timur is a young and active 2 years old male from Max’O Magic Kennel in New York. He’s great with livestock and has been raised around goats, pigs, and yak. He’s a proven working dog and is very effective at keeping predators away. He’s also a great family dog, is crate trained, and great with children. He’s playful with females dogs, and ok with some male dogs depending on the male’s personality.

Nina is a 2.5 year old female CAO who I imported from Kazakhstan. She’s an exceptional dog, I feel she’s one of the nicest female CAOs in America at this time. She a wonderful family companion, but can be initially sharp towards strangers. She LOVES children, and has been raised with my young daughter. She’s good with other dogs and amazing with livestock. She’s been raised around goats, pigs, yak, cattle, horses, and sheep. She has some very famous Russian and Kazakh dogs in her pedigree. She is also crate trained and generally great around the house.

Both Timur and Nina have lived outside in extreme winter and summer weather at altitudes ranging from 6,000 feet to 11,000 feet. They’re both rugged and weather tolerant, and exceptional at doing their job.

Pictures below…