This is a video of Smokey, Ike, and Flash.

Smokey: Malamute (7/16) / Irish Wolfhound (3/8) / North American Wolf (3/16)

Ike: WSL

Flash: 50% KBD, 21.87% Alaskan Malamute, 18.75% Irish Wolfhound, 9.38% Gray Wolf

Wolfenoot, a 7-year-old’s made-up holiday, goes viral, launches movement to benefit dogs and wolves

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The Science of the Sniff: Why Dogs Are Great Disease Detectors

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This is a video of “Charlie,” a 7 week old male Dogo x Tosa (Che x Sakura) puppy. This is a repeat breeding I did because I wished I had kept a puppy from the last litter. I held Charlie and Lucy back as my “picks” and decided to keep a female and not a male. I’m asking $800 for him.

Ritual Sacrifice May Have Shaped Dog Domestication

An ancient Arctic site containing the remains of hundreds of dogs shows that some animals were reverentially buried and others were butchered. This mix suggests a complex relationship between humans and dogs. READ MORE >>

Predation and Dogs: Normalizing Behavior

One gorgeous summer morning, I watched from across the pool as a small grey bird fluttered down out of a tree and hovered just a few feet in front of my foster dog, Quinn. Quinn tilted her head to the side and froze for a brief moment before lunging forward and snatching it from the air, issuing a n… READ MORE >>

Puppies trust their mums — and humans

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Bear dogs help resort town coexist with nature | The Japan Times

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