Here is a clip of Luytiy trying to jump our 7 foot fence…

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Last night was a special lunar event, the full moon was the closest it’s been to the earth in 50 years.

I wanted to get a really nice landscape shot with the mountains and the moon – showing it’s size and all. But, unfortunately, the winds were so strong last night I couldn’t get my camera to stay very still on it’s tripod.

Since the shot would require a rather long exposure time, the wind made it impossible for me to get the effect I wanted.

I did, however, get a nice shot of just the moon…

Moon 03.19.2011

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I took these pics of Kona the other day and I think they are great. They really show his mass and strength…



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Spotted the Coyote family again…

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Here are some short videos of the Sire and Dam of our next round of imports…

Sire: Wakahonjin

Dam: Sakura (Kurotora female in the middle)

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It’s looking like our first Kai Ken litter will be born tonight or tomorrow. Haru is nesting and preparing for the delivery of her first pups. She even made herself a little tent…

Haru ready to have babies

This will be the first Kai Ken Aigokai (KKA) litter born outside of Japan. It’s very exciting!

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