Sorry for the inactivity. I’ve been bad about posting here. Truth is, I’m just very busy lately (new baby, new job, lots of dogs), and with all the wildfires this summer, I’ve been pretty inactive.  I’ll try to do better, I promise! 🙂

Parka & Kodi

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Here are some short videos from Parka’s puppy class this past weekend. He did really well. This was his 2nd time in class, he’s very good with the other pups and people (tho some of the people are not comfortable with him for whatever reason)…

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Here is a clip of Luytiy trying to jump our 7 foot fence…

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Last night was a special lunar event, the full moon was the closest it’s been to the earth in 50 years.

I wanted to get a really nice landscape shot with the mountains and the moon – showing it’s size and all. But, unfortunately, the winds were so strong last night I couldn’t get my camera to stay very still on it’s tripod.

Since the shot would require a rather long exposure time, the wind made it impossible for me to get the effect I wanted.

I did, however, get a nice shot of just the moon…

Moon 03.19.2011

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I took these pics of Kona the other day and I think they are great. They really show his mass and strength…



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