by Carl Sandburg

“There is a wolf in me . . . fangs pointed for tearing gashes . . . a red tongue for raw meat . . . and the hot lapping of blood—I keep this wolf because the wilderness gave it to me and the wilderness will not let it go.

There is a fox in me . . . a silver-gray fox . . . I sniff and guess . . . I pick things out of the wind and air . . . I nose in the dark night and take sleepers and eat them and hide the feathers . . . I circle and loop double-cross.

There is a hog in me . . . a snout and a belly . . . a machinery for eating and grunting . . . a machinery for sleeping satisfied in the sun—I got this too from the wilderness and the wilderness will not let it go.

There is a fish in me . . . I know I came from salt-blue water-gates . . . I scurried with shoals of herring . . . I blew waterspouts with porpoises . . . before land was . . . before the water went down . . . before Noah . . . before the first chapert of Genesis.

There is a baboon in me . . . clambering-clawed . . . dog-faced . . . yawping a galoot’s hunger . . . hairy under the armpits . . . here are the hawk-eyed hankering men . . . here are the blonde and blue-eyed women . . . here they hide curled asleep waiting . . . ready to snarl and kill . . . ready to sing and give milk . . . wating—I keep the baboon because the wilderness says so.

There is an eagle in me and a mockingbird . . . and the eagle flies among the Rocky Mountains of my dreams and fights among the Sierra crags of what I want . . . and the mockingbird warbles in the early forenoon before the dew is gone, warbles in the underbrush of my Chattanoogas of hope, gushes over the blue Ozark foothills of my wishes—And I got the eagle and the mockingbird from the wilderness.

O, I got a zoo, I got a menagerie, inside my ribs, under my bony head, under my red-valve heart—and I got something else: it is a man-child heart, a woman-child heart: it is a father and mother and lover: it came from God-Knows-Where: it is going to God-Knows-Where—For I am the keeper of the zoo: I say yes and no: I sing and kill and work: I am a pal of the world: I came from the wilderness.”


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Fall Colors, originally uploaded by brada1878.

The colors on the mountains this fall are really nice!

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Kumi is 7 months old now and looking very pretty. She’s got such a lovely personality, she’s a real treat to have around. Here are some pics I took of her last week…

Kumi - 7 Months

Kumi - 7 Months

Kumi - 7 Months

Kumi - 7 Months

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Every morning Jen goes outside and says “Good Morning” to our LGD. This is what Luytiy’s greeting looks like…

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The weather is getting cooler here and the dogs are loving it, the Caucasian Ovcharka especially.

Here are a few videos of their morning freakouts…

The Nihonken get into it too…

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Sometimes I am shocked by how powerful association can be (aka “Classical Conditioning”)…

Today I was working on building a shelter for the dogs and when I pulled out my Reciprocating Saw (to trim down a few 1x2s) I noticed all the dogs ran over to me. I kinda expected the opposite to happen.

You see, this has not always been the case, they used to get a bit freaked by the noise of the saw, but now they love it… Why? Because of the wood scraps, they love to chew on the small blocks of wood that I leave!

Now when I use any saw I have an audience of dogs eagerly anticipating the wood scraps I drop. Instead of worrying about scaring them off with the noise the saw makes, I have to worry about them getting in the way of my work!

How about that for classical conditioning! Reciprocating Saw = wood chew toys, not scary sounds. Pretty cool!

Chase turned 3 months old on Wednesday 10/06/2010!

She’s growing so fast! Unfortunately she had to get some shots on her 3 month bday, which made for a rough day (and a rough few days following). She’s back to being happy Chase now tho. 🙂

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Kodi!, originally uploaded by brada1878.

I LOVE this pic of Kodi I took last night! He’s really becoming a handsome dog. He’s KODI Esquire, out of Luytiy and Masha.

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