4 Replies to “[VIDEO] Ahi Plays With The Kai Ken Boys”

      1. Hee. I have to judge if they’re smart enough not to get mauled by a Black Bear though. The most common ones we have: Airedales are good about it– Coonhounds… not so much.

        Although, cougars are more likely to turn on a dog, and they can rip them up pretty good. Idiot savants need not apply.

        In addition, I have to gauge if they fixate on one game, which some gundog breed are notorious for this, or they could be used on multiple games throughout the seasons.

  1. I love the video.

    Those kai ken have some good reflexes! =)

    I think the Nihon ken is the type of dog for me. I love way Saya plays and how she acts same goes for kai ken I love the way they play.

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