2 Replies to “Saana is on her way here from Denver. Can’t wait to meet her today! #KBD #KarelianBeardog #Karjalankarhukoira #KarelskBjörnhund”

  1. Brad, have you found a good Karelian breeder here in North America?
    Have you also heard of the Tahltan Bear Dog? So similar there must be a genetic link. They have some pelts in the Victoria museum.

    1. Hi Eric, I have not found very many KBD breeders I like, which is why I imported my pair from Finland. As for the Tahltan Bear Dog, perhaps there’s some connection between them and the KBD… Tho I think it’s more likely they’re connected to a Laika-type dog from Russia and crossed with the Inuit Dogs of Northern Canada.

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