Status Update: 06-01-2020 4:23 pm

Sharing my thoughts/feelings…

I think what we’re seeing is an assortment of people, all from various backgrounds, who feel under privileged, marginalized, angry, lost, hopeless, and/or tired, hijacking the BLM protests to send their own message to a failing system.

This makes me sad for the BLM protestors as it’s moving the light off of their cause, and it makes me feel sad for all the other people who have clearly hit rock bottom, and sad for the small business owners who were already struggling during this pandemic and have lost even more now.

The US could have, and can do, more to prevent this type of thing across the board. We’re seeing the a fire of anger fueled by race, class, and wealth inequality that’s been building for centuries/decades.

With all the negativity, violence, and damage being done right now, my only hope is that something good will come from this. And my fear is that it will do (more) damage to the BLM movement.