About Me

MeMy name is Brad Anderson, I live in Northern New Mexico, USA with my wife (Jen), daughter (Chase), and our dogs. My interests include snowboarding, hiking, surfing, nature, conservation, animal behavior, programming, philosophy, and photography.

I am a programmer by trade with a degree in art. My work focuses mostly on frontend and backend development of Internet Applications. My skill-set includes the development using JAVA, .NET, PHP (LAMP), JavaScript, HTML5, and various Mobile Platforms. All of my work is built with a strong understanding of software architecture, design patterns, and usability and I have worked both remotely and on-site as well as independently and as a team member. To view my professional profile please visit my LinkedIn page.

Kai Ken AkashiHere, at our home, we run a small preservation effort for the Kai Ken, which are rare Japanese hunting dogs. Our efforts are focused on the preservation of the North American bloodlines, the prevention of genetic roadblocks, and educating the enthusiast community about these rare dogs. We have a small kennel and run a forum dedicated to the Nihon Ken (Japanese Dog) breeds. For more information on our efforts please visit yamabushikennel.org. To connect with other breed enthusiasts, please visit The Nihon Ken Forum.

My wife and I moved to Taos, NM USA from Atlanta, GA in 2008. We moved to Taos to escape the hyper-consumption of city life and to pursue our conservation and preservation dreams. Our home was located in a remote area North West of the Town of Taos, on the Mesa just east of the Rio Grande Gorge. Living remotely simplified our life, which has helped us focus on all of our efforts more efficiently, both in work and in play. I have found my focus on my professional responsibilities and the quality of my output has improved while also allowing me more time to spend with my wife and daughter as well as time to focus on our preservation efforts.

In 2012 we moved from Taos to Flagstaff, AZ. We made the move to give us more options for our daughter. It was hard to leave our home in Taos, which we loved dearly, but it was time for a change. After just a year in Flagstaff we relocated to Fairplay, Colorado USA just below Mount Sherman along the Mosquito Range. Then, in late 2016, we relocated back to the Taos area to a large piece of very remote property inside the Carson National Forest.

I have set up this blog to share bits and pieces of our life and my work. I welcome you and your comments and I hope that you enjoy yourself! 🙂