FlagstaffI’ve decided I will start making a blog post every weekend from now on. Probably I will not have much to say each weekend, but perhaps this will get me to start thinking of things to share on my blog and will maybe lead to some interesting posts…

For this weekend my post is an update: I now live in Flagstaff, AZ. We moved here last week. It’s a big adjustment for us, but we hope it will be a good one. We LOVE Taos, and will miss it dearly, but it was time for a change.

The dogs are adjusting well to the new place. They seem pretty stoked to have a yard with grass in it. Also, our new place borders the Coconino National Forest, so it’s a perfect location for hiking with our dogs. I’m excited to get out on the trails this weekend!

The weather here is nice, it’s cooler than Taos and a bit more humid. We’re super excited for the snow too, we are higher in altitude than we were in Taos, and just below the peaks,  so we should get more snow. 🙂

A view of the Mesa from my walk today…

Taos Mesa

I got a nice shot of a rainbow in front of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains the other day…

Taos Rainbow

Spring time is here, and with it brings pretty volatile weather patterns here in Taos. We can have 80F+ temps one day, then snow the next. It always makes for some dramatic views. And so, it’s a great time for landscape photography 🙂 …







Taos Sunset - 11/23/2011

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~Lao Tzu

We got our first snow of the season the other day…


Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Move Beyond Your Ego
“A master who lived as a hermit on a mountain was asked by a monk: ‘What is the way?’

‘What a fine mountain this is’, the master said in reply.

‘I am not asking you about the mountain’, said the monk, ‘but the way’.

The master replied ‘So long as you cannot go beyond the mountain my son, you cannot reach the Way.'” ~Osho

Tres Orejas

Tres Orejas

Our Dog Yard - Dogs, Sunset, Storms...

A little dust devil came through the backyard today…